Tech Tip: Lightroom Quality Setting

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The Lightroom export window is often a source of confusion for photographers. There are so many options and different ways to do things that it can be overwhelming. If you’ve ever wondered what you should be using for the Lightroom quality … Read More

Tech Tip: Backing Up Lightroom

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If you’ve followed my Tech Tips for a while, you know that I’m a strong proponent of having good backups.  I’m also an avid Lightroom user. A common question many Lightroom users have is how to back up Lightroom so … Read More

Tech Tip: Lightroom Spring Cleaning

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I’ve helped several people lately who are in the process of cleaning up a mess they’ve created in Lightroom or just making some small improvements to their Lightroom catalog like moving files around to free up hard drive space. If … Read More

Tech Tip: Lightroom Mobile

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I’ve been an Adobe Lightroom user fanatic since I first bought the software in 2011. For those not familiar with it, Lightroom is software for cataloging and editing digital images. In 2014, the Adobe team introduced Lightroom Mobile for Lightroom CC … Read More

Tech Tip: One Lightroom Catalog or Many?

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Last week, I talked about backing up your computer, since backups are a great thing to think about at the start of a new year. This week I thought I’d address another question photographers often have at the new year, related to Adobe Lightroom. … Read More