Photography in a digital world involves the use of a wide range of technology on a regular basis. From buying a computer, using editing tools, and setting up backups, hobbyists and professional photographers alike must rely on their computer to store, process, and share their images. If you enjoy photography but are frustrated with the technical aspects of dealing with digital photos or running photography business, I offer consulting services to help.

My Background

I’ve grown up with computers and have a long history of making them understandable to others. I remember using a PC at home in 1985, when I was just a young child, and I worked for my dad’s software company in college. After college, I spent much of my career in technical writing and related jobs, making complicated technical concepts easy for others to understand. In 2001, my husband and I launched a computer consulting company, providing IT support, web design, and web hosting services to small businesses. At first it was primarily his consulting company, and I helped on the side, but I later took over the business when he took a full-time role at another company.

I opened my photography business in 2013 and joined the Clickin’ Moms photography forum at that time. While I initially joined to expand my photography skills, over the years, much of my time on the forum has been spent helping other photographers solve their technology issues. My desire to educate others led me to apply for Click Pro, and I was accepted into this talented network of photographers. As a Click Pro, I have various opportunities to share my knowledge with others, and I’ve written several tutorials on the Clickin’ Moms forum, and responded to countless forum posts from other members.

Book a Consulting Session

My one-on-one consulting sessions are designed so that you can ask me questions, and I can connect to your computer to assist you with the technical aspects of photography and/or your photography business, including help with applications including Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, WordPress, and more. I do almost all of my editing in Lightroom, and I especially enjoy helping others understand and get the most out of this powerful program. I’ve helped many people sort out catalog errors and issues with missing photos, as well as set up backup systems and recover lost files from their previous backups.

Rate: $100/hour (including some email follow-up after the session)

Availability: Daytime or Evening hours. Weekdays preferred.

Please contact me for more details and to schedule a consulting session.