Project 365 – Week 32

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We had some nice warm weather and spent much of the week outside. Andrea enjoyed jumping rope and playing with water guns in our neighborhood. She also helped me do some location scouting at a nearby park, and modeled a new outfit for her Oma.

As for the sad looking picture on the couch, Andrea had to get a cavity filled, so she spent some time watching TV after we got home, until she bounced back to her normal happy self.


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  1. Jennifer B
    | Reply

    That bottom left image is gorgeous! I love the sparkly light in the background and the polka dot short and the water all together! I also love the shadow on that jumping rope image and her smile on that window light image is just beautiful!

  2. Paige Wilks
    | Reply

    I agree with Jennifer..the bottom left image is gorgeous! I really love the shot of her by the window. Such a genuine, sweet smile.

  3. Areke
    | Reply

    That first image is pure perfection. Love the serenity. And I love the image of your girl jumping rope. You rocked it, shooting in full sun.

  4. Erin
    | Reply

    The jump rope image is amazing! I love the shadow, and the implied movement within the frame. It could be fun to play around with some slow shutter speeds here too. And I agree with Jennifer too – the polka dot shirt combined with the sparkly bokeh and water droplets provide amazing texture and repetition. Love this!

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