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I recently joined a monthly blog circle with some other photographers, and the theme is “Where We Live”. Last month I posted about Taylor-Brawner Park in Smyrna, and this month I thought I’d give you a peek into another of our favorite spots in Smyrna — our own backyard.

Our yard isn’t landscaped beautifully and we don’t have a pool or anything, but it’s pretty big for living in a subdivision, and we have lots of fun back there. We have a trampoline and a playset for my daughter and her friends. The playset is setup in a corner of the yard that gets a lot of shade, especially in the afternoon, so it’s a great spot for after school fun. My daughter loves to swing on the swings and climb and play with the climbing rope.  She’s getting a little big for the slide, but still manages to have fun with it.


Those pictures were taken a little earlier this year when it was still cool outside. Now that it’s been hotter, we’ve been playing in the sprinklers and getting out the water guns. I love how all the trees filter the sunlight in the late afternoon, so it’s not too hot.


After playing outside all afternoon, what could be better than dinner, a glass of wine and some strawberries for dessert out on the deck? We love eating out on the deck in the Spring and Fall. By early evening, the deck is completely shaded by the house and tall trees, and it makes it so cool and comfortable for outdoor dining. There’s a reason Atlanta is known as ” The City in a Forest” – much of the city and surrounding area is still heavily wooded, despite all the houses and businesses.

Our back deck also has a lot of little visitors —  it’s very popular with birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and we even spotted a large Luna Moth out there recently.


As the sun sets, it’s a perfect time for a fire in our little fire pit and just relax under the stars.


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  1. Paige Wilks

    I am totally jealous of your backyard! That night view is stunning…and those trees!! Beautiful photos this month!

  2. Rebecca

    Looks beautiful, Kelley! Gosh, I LOVE lazy afternoons spent out in the yard. Yours looks lovely!

  3. Faye

    Sometimes the most enjoyable place is right in your own backyard! And you captured it beautifully!

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