Project 52: Alternative Light

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Welcome to Week 9 of my Project 52 blog circle. This week’s theme is alternative light, and we were encouraged to get creative. Of course, last week’s pictures using my minivan’s reading light would have been perfect for this week, but now I felt a need to come up with another creative light source.

I came up with an idea pretty quickly – the light from my daughter’s sewing machine! But I wasn’t sure it would work, so I took some test shots one night. I was pretty happy with the test shots, but I wanted to try again after I cleaned up the area a little bit and had a better idea of what I wanted in the images. I realized I didn’t get enough of my daughter in my initial images so I wanted to try shooting from some different angles. I managed to squeeze in a few minutes to take my final shots and incorporated some of what I realized from my test shots and am really excited with the results. Fortunately, my daughter loves to sew so she loved working on this “assignment” with me. She made a pretty bookmark for one of the staff at her school while I took these photos.

First I took some where the light was somewhat obscured by the sewing machine so there would be more even light and less of a hot spot on the fabric, since it is a very small, directed light.
Sewing machine light | Kelley K Photography (Smyrna, GA)

Then I took some more from the other side where you can see better what she’s sewing. I had to be sure not to completely blow out the area where the light was shining though while still illuminating my daughter’s face somewhat when possible.
Sewing machine light | Kelley K Photography (Smyrna, GA)

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  1. Michele Kendzie
    | Reply

    Very creative light choice! I like the ones where you can see her face and the fabric.

  2. Amanda
    | Reply

    What a cool idea! I love these. The way that everything else fades to black really pulls the focus into her face & project.

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