Project 52: Spring is Here!

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Welcome to Week 10 of my Project 52 blog circle. We had a “Photographer’s Choice” week this week to do whatever we wanted. I was so excited about the warmer weather we finally got this week that I thought I would head outside to practice capturing motion.

Thanks to the Spring weather, I took my daughter to the playground after school. As a child photographer, I know all too well that kids are always in motion. Even when they’re still, they’re moving. 🙂 So I thought I’d get some practice on some tricky motion shots – swinging and sliding on the playground. When kids are moving toward the camera rapidly, it can tricky to keep them in focus. But with the right techniques and camera settings, it can be done, and nailing focus while kids are in full motion is such a fun way to capture them in their element.

Child on Swing | KelleyKPhotography - Smyrna, GA

Child on Slide| KelleyKPhotography - Smyrna, GA

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5 Responses

  1. Justyna
    | Reply

    Love the joy you captured in these frames! My choice of the week is Spring too! Beautiful job!

  2. MIchele Kendzie
    | Reply

    Fabulous! I like how much you have in focus, and you stopped the motion perfectly!

  3. Kate Testerman
    | Reply

    These are great! Congrats on nailing the focus. Out of curiosity, what were your settings?

  4. Rose Jesky
    | Reply

    Love these. You captured the joy in her eyes.

  5. Kristy
    | Reply

    Photos of kids in motion is definitely a challenge I need more practice with. In fact, I signed up for a session at Click Away focused on kids in motion.

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