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Last Friday was my birthday, and I thought it was a good time to finally start the Project 365 that I have been considering doing for a while now. Each week, I’ll be blogging my set of photos from the previous week, so here are my photos from my first week.

For those who aren’t aware, Project 365 is a challenge many people take on to take a photo every day. It’s useful for documenting your year, and for photographers, pushing ourselves to get out and take a picture every day can really improve our creativity and skills.

Day 1: We went camping for my birthday up in the North Georgia mountains. It was beautiful, and I always love taking a ton of photos on our camping trips.DSC_3007

Day 2: My daughter had such fun playing with the campfire. She poked this stick in and lit it on fire, then blew it out at least 100 times.DSC_3549

Day 3 (#1): My daughter made this “fairy house” out of some old cardboard, rocks, and bits from my azalea plants, and she set it out on the front stoop for the fairies.3b/365

Day 3 (#2): I had to include a second picture from today, because I just loved these chalk pictures my daughter made on our driveway of girls with fancy “fashion” hair.

Day 4: My daughter and a neighbor boy having a snack on the porch after school.DSC_3981

Day 5: My daughter had a fever and stayed home from school today. Poor thing could barely get off the couch she was so tired and achy.5/365 - Poor sick girl :-(

Day 6: Stayed home from school again, but feeling a bit better today.6/365 - Sick, day 2

Day 7: Reading to a frog statue at the library on Friday evening.7/365 - Reading to a frog

9 Responses

  1. Angela L.
    | Reply

    I love the one on the chair where she seems deep in thought. All great!

  2. Michelle B
    | Reply

    How Fun! I love the one of the fairy house. Nice job of capturing the everyday fun of childhood.

  3. Nichole
    | Reply

    Nailed it again! Beautiful work!

  4. Emily
    | Reply

    Fun! Great pictures!

  5. Samantha
    | Reply

    These are all so sweet! Way to go starting a 365! Love the chalk drawing one so much!

  6. Candace
    | Reply

    I just love that fairy one!

  7. Anna
    | Reply

    What sweet pictures. great job.

  8. Marilyn
    | Reply

    Lovely shots!!

  9. Robin
    | Reply

    These are so sweet, I love how you captured her every day moments!

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