Project 365 – Week 4

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Woo hoo! I made it a full month in my Project 365 challenge without missing a day. This week was a little different, because we ended up driving to Missouri for my elderly grandfather’s funeral. And I have two pictures from one day, because we were having too much fun with a new flashlight that we bought.

No training wheels! She only rode 10 feet or so before tipping over, but she’s getting the hang of it.

22/365 - No training wheels!

We got a new super bright flashlight and my daughter had fun putting on a whole dance show in the light.
Then we grabbed the tripod and had more fun with the flashlight and long exposures.
23a/365 - Dancing girl

23b/365 - More flashlight fun

I spotted this single red leaf that had fallen from the top of our maple tree and was laying on a lower branch that hasn’t turned colors yet.
I was struck by the contrast.
24/365 - One red leaf

My elderly grandfather passed away this morning, so we took a road trip to Missouri to attend his funeral.
Fortunately, my daughter was a great passenger for the 11 hour drive.
25/365 - Driving to Missouri

With all the family together, we got to meet this little cutie, my cousin’s daughter, for the first time.
26/365 - Cousins!

Nothing made my granddad happier than his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, and
I know he was overjoyed to have all three of his great-grandaughters together and holding hands at his funeral.
27/365 - Grandad's funeral

We drove straight home from funeral overnight so that my daughter could attend her first field trip of Kindergarten,
where the kids got to make apple tarts from scratch, and then eat the tart they made.
28/365 - Making apple tarts

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  1. Martha Bunch
    | Reply

    Kelly, you are amazing. I need to take classes from you!

  2. Jennifer B
    | Reply

    I love the shadows and the long exposure flashlight image! And the contrast in that leaf picture is beautiful. 🙂

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