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We’ve come to week 3 of the P52 project I’m doing, and this week’s theme is “Favorite”. I considered taking the easy way out and posting a picture of my favorite (only) child. But I decided to challenge myself a little and share another favorite.

In my family, the number 27 is important to us. Me and my siblings were born on the 27th of different months and I was born on September 27th. Being sort of a math geek, I really love that, because 9=3² and 27=3³ … AND 9=2+7. I love whenever I see the number 27 show up in my life anywhere. So I wanted to somehow represent the number 27 in my image this week, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I don’t really have a favorite candy or a favorite color or something like that. But I do really enjoy wine and we collect corks, so I thought I’d spell out 27 in wine corks – mostly from bottles of Merlot (my favorite wine). You may notice I used more than 27 corks though – I tried using 27 corks but I wanted the numbers to be bigger. So there are 33 corks – which I guess sort of covers the 3³ aspect of 27.

Finally, I took the picture in one of my favorite spots of light in our house – right inside our big picture window in the living room at our home in Smyrna. My family spends of lot of time in this room, so I guess you could consider it our favorite room too. Some of my favorite photos of my daughter are taken in this room, in the light from this window.

Number 27 in wine corks {Smyrna Photographer Kelley K}

As the sun passed in and out of the clouds, I also tried some different types of more dramatic lighting for my 27. These made for nice black and white conversions I think. I kind of love these, but I really enjoyed the pop of purple in the color version too. These are all taken in the exact same spot – I didn’t move the corks at all. The only difference is the light coming in the window and my position. It really shows the impact of the different lighting and perspectives.
Number 27 in wine corks {Smyrna Photographer Kelley K}

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6 Responses

  1. Amanda
    | Reply

    What a creative idea! I especially love the first black & white – beautiful tones.

  2. Kristy
    | Reply

    Great use of corks, my favorite is the first B&W

  3. trish
    | Reply

    What a great idea! So creative

  4. Michele Kendzie
    | Reply

    This is awesome and inspiring! I love how you’ve thought about numbers. I have thought similarly, though not quite as complex. For instance, I have long felt something is special about 11:22 on the clock because it’s my birthday. And the number 13 is lucky for unlike many others because it was the date available in July ’96 at the venue where my husband and I wanted to marry. I also like how you shared the different types of lighting. I want to try that now. Thanks for the inspiration.

  5. Danielle
    | Reply

    This is great, what a clever idea!

  6. Karen Buchanan
    | Reply

    Neat idea! The first b&W shot is my fave, but I do love the purple in the color version as well.

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