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Earlier this month, my friend invited us to attend the Art on the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade. We made lanterns with our daughters and had a lot of fun. I really enjoyed taking photos of all the lanterns along the parade route, and I thought it would be a fun installment for my monthly “Where We Live” blog post.

The BeltLine is network of pedestrian and bike friendly trails being built throughout Atlanta using unused rail lines, connecting popular destinations throughout the city, including new and existing parks as well as retail centers, and neighborhoods. Several multi-use trails are already built and more are in the works, and a system of streetcar transit lines are also in planning stages. Art on the Atlanta BeltLine is a program where temporary public art exhibits are on display along the BeltLine to encourage residents and visitors to get out and explore different areas on the BeltLine.

Art on the Atlanta BeltLine begins each year with the Lantern Parade. This year, it is estimated that 20,000 people came out to participate in or watch the parade, which started at the southern end of the Eastside Trail near Irwin St. & Krog St., and ended at Piedmont Park. Bands, including Atlanta’s popular Seed & Feed Marching Abominables performed along the parade route to kick off the festivities. The parade was a lot fun and there were so many interesting and elaborate lanterns! The only downside is that it was very hot, even at 9pm when the parade got started, especially with thousands of people crowded together on the BeltLine. But it was so much fun! Our friends brought a wagon and after walking for part of the time, my daughter and her friend rode in the wagon for the rest of the parade route. Our favorite part was just seeing all of the different lanterns everyone brought, so next year, we might just watch the parade from my husband’s office, which overlooks the BeltLine. With people lining the entire parade route looking out from condos, parking decks, and bridges all along the route, it looked like the spectators had at least as much fun as the parade participants!


Below is one of the interesting art pieces installed along the BeltLine, followed by some scenes of the crowds gathered to watch the parade.


Please continue on in our monthly “Where We Live” blog circle by viewing the work of the talented Minneapolis photographer, Rebeccah Parks.

8 Responses

  1. Cindy Blount
    | Reply

    Kelley, The colors are just beautiful. Enjoyed the seeing the parade through your lens.

  2. Jen R
    | Reply

    These are amazing. Those lanterns are just beautiful, it must have been fun to participate.

  3. Christa
    | Reply

    Absolutely beautiful lanterns! Such vivid colors and the light is extraordinary!

  4. Shanna
    | Reply

    These lanterns are really cool! The pictures are amazing.

  5. Lindsay
    | Reply

    The colors in these are so great! I really love that red, orange & green lantern near the end. What a fun experience to capture!!

  6. Rebecca
    | Reply

    This is so incredible. I would love to go to an event like this! So so cool.

  7. Asheley
    | Reply

    So cool! I love how the colors pop in the dark!

  8. Jayne
    | Reply

    Stunning! Awesome photography and love the lanterns!

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