Where We Live: North Georgia Mountains

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One of the things our family loves about living in Smyrna, Georgia is our proximity to Atlanta, as well as to North Georgia. Our family enjoys weekend camping trips and one of our favorite places to go is the North Georgia mountains.

A couple of weeks ago, we went camping with friends at Vogel State Park in Blairsville, Georgia, and I thought I’d share pictures from out trip for this month’s “Where We Live” blog post.


It’s always amazing to me that just an hour or so north of Atlanta, you can escape to the peaceful and scenic area known as the North Georgia Mountains. I’ve lived in Utah and Colorado, so it’s still a little hard for me to call these mountains, but after 15+ years in Georgia, I’m getting used to it. This region, the southern edge of the Appalachian Mountains, is often referred to as Blue Ridge, known for a blueish haze that is typically seen along the tops of the mountains when viewed from a distance. On our trip the skies were particularly clear, however (when it wasn’t pouring down rain, that is).

Vogel State Park is centered around a picturesque little lake with with a small waterfall at one end. There are numerous hiking trails for all ability levels throughout the park. We opted for the one mile lake trail as we had young kids with us. The views were gorgeous, and the girls had a great time.


There are a few cabins and swings along the edge of the lake, and the park rents paddle boats, kayaks, and SUPs (stand up paddle boards) to visitors. We enjoyed a little paddle boating with the girls before the rain came in. Fortunately, we were able to keep the fire going in the rain, because even in June in Georgia, it was quite cool once the front blew in.

All of the Georgia State Parks we’ve been to are very family friendly and equipped with playground equipment. One sunny morning, I took the girls over to the playground for a little play time. The loved the twisty slide, and of course, I loved photographing them on the adorable little bridge we crossed to get to the playground. 🙂

I hope you enjoyed this peek into North Georgia. This post was part of a monthly blog circle that I’m part of called, “Where We Live.” Be sure to continue on to the next post in the circle from Delaware photographer Jennifer Reynolds!

11 Responses

  1. Paige Wilks

    Kelley!! This is amazing. I called my husband over to see what gorgeous images you have. The first one is absolutely breathtaking.

  2. Asheley

    Your landscapes are breathtaking! And now I’ve learned what SUPs are. I loved that you shared this gem with us!

  3. Kersten

    This is a part of the country I’ve never been to, and would never imagine it being so lush and green. This looks like heaven! The swing by the water? The fire pit? Amazing. Your photos really make me want to visit this place!

  4. Lindsay

    That looks like an amazing campsite! The first image is stunning!! And I seriously wanted to jump into the 2nd image. That path looks like it would be an awesome hike!

  5. Rebecca

    Oh my goodness! That first image is breathtaking! What gorgeous scenery. It looks beautiful and relaxing. And I LOVE the campfire photo. Gorgeous.

  6. Jen R

    What a beautiful camping trip. We don’t have mountains around here, and I love that you captured the reflection in the water.

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